Parents Speak on Abacus


Let us have a look on some of the views of parents on Abacus and its effects on their children undertaking the course.

Nilima Singh, 32, Guwahati says:

“My daughter, 7 years of age, absolutely loves Abacus. She had always run away from studies and especially maths. Ever since she has been learning Abacus, I observe that she is quick with her calculations and has started concentrating more. I am glad to see the transformation and I thank Master Mind Abacus for making it possible.”

Satyam Rathore, 35, Bangalore says:

Putting my child into the Abacus course by Master Mind is probably the most profitable investment I have ever made for his education. I have experienced incredible amount of confidence in him after he joined Abacus classes. He has started loving his studies, is more active in the classroom and has also started participating in extracurricular activities. I am proud of his achievements.

Even you can be one such parent who wants to deliver the best supplementary education to your child. Just take the Abacus course at Master Mind and gift your child a bright new future. Contact your nearest Master Mind Abacus franchise today!

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