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Reading speed and ability to comprehend determine your results. Hence, it is important to read well and comprehend best. Read Right offers simple yet effective approach to accelerate your reading skills. We take you by hand and guide you to become an expert reader.

Are you Slow or Speedy?

Answer these questions to know where you stand

  • Do you read one word at a time?
  • Do you read the words twice (or more) to extract meaning?
  • Do you vocalize or sub-vocalize while reading?
  • Do you find it difficult to read when new words are used? ·
  • Do you lack the ability to retain & recall information read earlier?

Did you answer it affirmative?

  • You are under- utilizing your potential to read fast.
  • You need to groom & transform yourself into a ‘Speed Reader’.
  • Enroll yourself for 10 days ‘Speed Reading Program’.

Did you answer it negative?

  • Congratulations! Your are reading much faster than other average students of your age.
  • But is that all? Wouldn’t you want to read even faster?
  • Enroll at ‘Speed Reading Program’ at Write Right to further sharpen your reading skills.

Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are good readers.
Read Right allows you to enjoy benefits to quickly access the information and gain knowledge. It eliminates reading fatigue and sub- vocalization, develops photographic memory, acting as a full brain utilization tool making you a “Reading Champion” among all.


The Benefits 10 hours to longevity

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