We are a multinational education company based at Indore, India, with our presence in 12 countries. We share our concepts globally through over 2000 associate education franchisee. Our endeavour is and shall continue to be to, "Simplify the learning methods" so that every student can RISE. 'Our philosophy of teaching is RISE - Research, Innovate, Share & Educate'


Striving to ‘Educate’ and not just teach

The complexities of the teaching methods, brought us into the Education segment and we decided to move ahead with our tag line "Education Simplified". We are into the field for the last 20 years.

While we started with focussing on development of little brains with Mastermind Abacus, we moved ahead by training to develop their writing abilities with Write Right.

To ensure an effective development of legible handwriting our experts introduced 'My Handwriting Books' a series of conceptual - curriculum books for students from pre-primary to 6th standard onwards.

With the ever increasing global demand of confident speakers in English, we developed and introduced 'Talk Right, the language lab' that focuses at allowing 100% utilization of the class room time of a student for listening and speaking.

We understood the importance of ancient Indian Vedic Mathematical system, and introduced a complete series for students in Mastermind Vedicmaths, extending it further for the little ones through a game base mathematical system in the form of Naughty Maths.

Not to leave the creative instincts behind, to develop the same we gave the only comprehensive art and craft course in the form of Kiddie Arts.

To give a smooth transition from the confines of their homes and the tender care of their mothers into the world we have introduced the Mastermind Kids, the Premium Play School for the toddlers.

With the ever developing and accessible digital media, we introduced the Mastermind Digital Classes with courses developed to match and answer every need of students from 5th to12th grade.


The visionaries of tomorrow, who dared to challenge the status-quo and to become the catalyst to change.
Naveen Chowdhari
Rajesh Jha
Rajesh Jha
Vice President
himanshu singh
National Head
Dilip Jangid

Dilip Jangid

Head Of Dept. IT
Aman Parashar

Aman Parashar

Sales Head
Aninash Sharma

Avinash Sharma

Head Of Dept. Training
Zaheer raza ansari

Zaheer Raza Ansari

Chief Content Developer


Giving wide range of learning options in diverse fields has been our forte.
Mastermind Tutorials

Hi tech academic Coaching Center with smart classrooms, powered by the digital content of Mastermind as per CBSE / NCERT & State board syllabus. Study become fun and engaging activity at our world class coaching center with unique facilities such as individual app to every student that facilitates both online and offline study and practice of the videos even when the student is at home.

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Mastermind Talk Right

We believe any language can be learnt but it cannot be taught, and this is possible only by ‘speaking regularly’. We train the person to ‘Talk the right way’. Giving opportunities to use the right words, at the right place, at the right pace is what the training through ‘Talk Right’ assures. You are allowed to ‘talk what you want to talk’. Our endeavour is to induce confidence to speak and expel hesitation if any.

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Mastermind abacus

Mastermind Abacus, is a whole brain development program. It is based on the use of the ancient counting device Abacai, involving basic arithmetical numbers to activate both left & right brain of the user. It sharpen listening, visualization, photographic memory, recall and concentration abilities. It also develops mental calculating abilities, where a child can beat the Calculator. It thus prepares every child from the age of 4 to 14 for the challenges of tomorrow.

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handwriting institutes

The ability to communicate through handwriting is an art acquired in 7 years. Not all of us write legible enough for all to read. Training to 'Write the Right way' with an acceptable speed and legibility has been the prime objective of Write Right, since the last 20 years. Nurturing the creative instincts through training of Calligraphy is what we have successfully achieved. We train exclusively to write with speed without affecting the legibility and still match the clock.

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feed the child's mathematics instincts

Counting numbers or even simple mathematical functions are often mind boggling for a little child, It can become a cause of disinterest for mathematics in a child. Naughty Maths” is a competitive and 100% game based program that endow students with challenging opportunities to evolve as intellectual beings. This is a specialized program that ensures practising maths in an engaging and fun loving environment.

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Vedic Maths mastermind

Maths Phobia is a common issue, occurring due to the complex steps in mathematical calculation. The outcome is disinterest towards mathematics. Vedic calculation system ensures logical, short approach, fastest and accurate solutions to arithmetic problems. This has an exponential effect on the interest level. Available in the form of a series of work books with simplified text, with innumerable practice questions.

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Kiddie Arts aims on exploring the aesthetic and creative treasures within children and give enough opportunity to nurture & nourish. The different stages of the program, aims at developing the Right (Creative) Brain of a child and make it explicitly expressive. Our indigenous program accentuates on expanding the creative horizons of kids in a playfully artistic manner, along with giving them an identity of an artisans to explore treasures within.

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handwriting Olympiad

It is the World’s largest Handwriting Competition. It involves students ranging from standard 2nd to 12th. Every participants’ writing is analysed by Handwriting experts from legibility point of view. Errors are identified and individualized Corrective advice is given. Implementation of these ensures 100% legibility of one’s Handwriting. It is being conducted for the 7th year consecutively. Over 10,00,000 students have so far benefited from the advice of the experts.

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Mastermind Digital classroom amazing content with amazing technology

Indigenous audio/video content has been developed by highly qualified and experienced team. The objective is to make the content informative, interesting, and easily understandable. A journey through Mastermind digital classes offer the experience of the virtual world, a learning experience beyond the classroom. Exclusively developed for the students of 7th to 10th Standard.

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My handwriting book the only conceptual curriculum handwriting book

‘My Handwriting Books’ is a series of conceptual handwriting development books created by Experts of Write Right, the largest chain of handwriting institutes, with an enviable record of having trained in handwriting over 10,00,000 students in the last 20 years. The crux of our research and experience has been complied in the exclusive content of 'My Handwriting Books' series.

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Mastermind engage macro training concept under one roof with value packed program

The concept of Master Mind Engage is to provide a basket of Master Mind programs under one roof, so that the franchisee could deliver all of them. The premium products of Master Mind will be delivered from a centre in a prime location. While a few of the products are essential for all the children to pursue, some are considered as very essential by a section of student fraternity.

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Mastermind read right curtail your study time half or more

Reading without understanding is a waste of time, energy and efforts. Speed reading program offers an intensive training to read with comprehension ensuring excellent overall academic performance. The program aims at inculcating and fostering good reading habits in children with an urge to excel and stand at par from the rest. Students as well as adults can take benefit from Speed Reading.

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