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In 25 years of teaching ‘how to speak in English’, we observed that the conventional teaching system did not allow enough time to the students to speak. While ‘TALK RIGHT’ a software based ‘Language Lab’ is designed and developed with the objective to allow the students to listen & speak for 100% of the Class room time.


Why ‘TALK RIGHT’ the ‘Language Lab’?

The agreed basic principles of mastering the art of fluently delivering in any language are Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. This is the established order & is followed unconsciously when we learn our mother tongue.

A reversal to this has an undesirable effect which is seen in conventional classrooms where one starts with Writing, Learning Spellings & Grammar, Reading Paragraphs and then trying to Speak. The result is a laboured delivery of the language due to lack of enough auditory exposure, which is limited to that of the instructor only, whose exposure to the language might have also been in the similar manner.



Conventional Classroom


Talk Right Language Lab



A journey towards expressing fluently in english. Training as per accepted global standard fro grading language proficiency defined by CEFR standard( Common European Framework of Reference for language).


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The program of ‘Talk Right’ is designed to develop fluent command on communicative English. Anybody with very basic understanding of English, can take up the training and learn to speak fluent English.
The program of Talk Right is entirely different from the conventional classes where the agreed basic principles of mastering the art of fluently delivering in any language is not followed in the correct order of Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. The program of Talk Right gives ample opportunity to the student to speak and thus helps bringing the language on tip of the tongue
The program of Talk Right is a unique combination of technology coupled with training and content. Talk Right follows the Mother Tongue technique of mastering a language by listening others speak and imitating them. In Talk Right we do not teach definitive grammar rather we train student sentence practice with correct use of grammar without defining the same. This is the most effective and proven method to learn speaking in any language
We strongly believe that however advanced technology may be, they can never substitute a teacher. The program of Talk Right is a software based program in which the entire training is done through the software but the effective result can come only if the program is monitored and facilitated by teacher who guides and corrects the students as and when need may arise. We have deliberately not given auto correction facility in the software because corrections can be implemented only if they are done by teacher physically.
In conventional spoken English classes conducted only by faculty, for most of the time the faculty speaks and the students listen. Thus, most of the students do not get ample opportunity to actually speak. Moreover there is generalized training in which individual issues are not addressed/corrected. In Talk Right program training is customized for every student, as they are interacting individually with the software. This ensures 100% of the class time is utilized for listening and speaking in English.
The program of Talk Right is designed in such a way that anybody above ten years of age with basic understanding of English language can take up the training and develop fluency in English. There is no upper age limit.
No language can be spoken correctly without the knowledge of grammar. We definitely have a dedicated section of grammar in Talk Right program. The entire grammar is taught in the form of interesting animated video. We just do not confuse the students with the definitions of grammar at the time of speaking. Yes correct grammar is subconsciously fed to the students by training them to use correct form in varied situations.
Yes, once a student completes the training as per the defined process, the command developed on communicative English will be a permanent asset. Like any other skill retention and fluency in a language will require continuous and correct practice.
No, the program of Talk Right is an individualized program. Since every student is expected to listen and speak for the entire session at Talk Right, it is only possible if is the speaking practice is done with headphones and mikes with the software. Expected results are most unlikely to be achieved if all the students try to speak at the same time.
Yes, we are having advance module in Talk Right. This segment is specially designed keeping in mind people like you who can speak basic English and now wish to learn professional communication. This module contains practice session of advance professional topics and is very helpful in developing professional communication.


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