About Engage

“Master Mind – Engage” is a Macro-Training centre concept. The Franchise Centre established in a premium location would offer basket of all the Master Mind conceptual products which are high on value and on demand too. While a few of the products are essential for all the children to pursue, some are considered as very essential by a section of student fraternity. So in all, Master Mind – Engage would deliver all the value packed Master Mind programs

Products Highlights


Mastermind Abacus, is a whole brain development program. It is based on the use of the ancient counting device Abacai, involving basic arithmetical numbers to activate both left & right brain of the user. It sharpen listening, visualization, photographic memory, recall and concentration abilities.


Kiddie Arts aims on exploring the aesthetic and creative treasures within children and give enough opportunity to nurture & nourish. The different stages of the program, aims at developing the Right (Creative) Brain of a child and make it explicitly expressive.


Maths Phobia is a common issue, occurring due to the complex steps in mathematical calculation. The outcome is disinterest towards mathematics. Vedic calculation system ensures logical, short approach, fastest and accurate solutions to arithmetic problems.


The ability to communicate through handwriting is an art acquired in 7 years. Not all of us write legible enough for all to read. Training to 'Write the Right way' with an acceptable speed and legibility has been the prime objective of Write Right, since the last 20 years. We train exclusively to write with speed without affecting the legibility.


Reading without understanding is a waste of time, energy and efforts. Speed reading program offers an intensive training to read with comprehension ensuring excellent overall academic performance. The program aims at inculcating and fostering good reading habits in children with an urge to excel and stand at par from the rest.


Counting numbers or even simple mathematical functions are often mind boggling for a little child, It can become a cause of disinterest for mathematics in a child. Naughty Maths” is a competitive and 100% game based program that endow students with challenging opportunities to evolve as intellectual beings.


About Products


The concept of Master Mind – Engage caters to variety of products ranging from Master Mind Abacus, Write Right, Naughty Maths, Master Mind Vedic Maths, Kiddie Arts and Read Right. The franchise centre will be able to optimize the use of infra structure, manpower and marketing cost to generate high foot fall and profits.

Engage: The centre will be termed as a model learning centre through the location, exteriors, interiors and facilities that would add value to the products and make them highly augmented. It is a multi activity zone catering to the specific needs of students of various age groups.

Master Mind Reception
Master Mind Class room
Master Mind Discussion room

Master Mind Engage will be termed as a landmark training center with excellent business revenues. The operational cost and manpower cost can be rationalized by catering to 19 different kinds of programs with an opportunity to have high student turn out and fat profits.


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