Naughty Maths- Placement Tests

Naughty Maths is a program designed to suit the needs of children in subject ‘Mathematics’. It is open for school kids, specifically for students in standard 2 to 6. This 100% game based maths tutoring program is bliss for students as it never makes them feel as if they are studying.

But, before commencing with the Naughty Maths program, we conduct ‘placement tests’ for each student to identify his/her level of understanding. For example, if we have a student walking in to enroll for our program, we would first check if he is able to perform addition (and subtraction) thoroughly ‘up to 5’.

If not, we place the student in classes he/she would be trained on performing calculations up to 5. If he/she is good on calculating till 5, we test him/her for calculations ‘up to 10’. And then we follow the same method of placing students for their need-specific course. This process is continued to check the calculating abilities of children ‘up to 20’ and then placing them in the course accordingly.

To take a ‘placement test’ for your child and help him/her start at a level that is most suitable, drop in at your nearest Naughty Maths center today!

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